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Issue! We have identified a problem with creator's notes and we're fixing it currently.

Creator's Notes

PlayGM's StephenHK has released his tactics as below.

Notes For All

  • Players with the role of a "Winger" should always have a preferred foot for the side they're on, right, right-footed, left, left-footed.
  • Inverted-Wing Backs are just selected as a normal wingback. For example a left footed wingback can still play in the Left-Back position.
  • No specific training, specific set piece taker, or OIs.
  • Ensure you have OI responsibility over your Assistant Manager as well - Staff > Responsibilities > Set OIs > Manager (You)
  • Tactical Briefings are skipped.
  • Wide players should not have the PPM "Cuts Inside".
  • Any results shown from myself are quick examples of holiday seasons with default squads, so your results will vary and should be even better.
Naming Convention
  • Kung Fu - Stable Tactics
  • Shaolin - Very Offensive
  • Iron - Solid Defensively
  • James - Slight alteration done by JamesFM-Fan from PlayGM specifically for home and away games
    • Home - More narrow, avoids counter attacks
    • Away - Cautious wider play

Kung Fu 442 v6 Attachment 1617041071405.png

James's Home 442 Attachment 1617041445764.png

James's Away 442 Attachment 1617041471867.png

Kung Fu 4231 v1.6 Attachment 1617041514095.png

Kung Fu 4231 v1.5 Attachment 1617041536400.png

Shaolin 4231DM Attachment 1617041570274.png

Iron 4141 Attachment 1617041603091.png

Kung Fu 424 Aaron Lee x Maverick Attachment 1631460491666.png

A season with Saints using this on holiday. DB was updated for the transfer from Darkness hence Lyanco, Livramento, and Adam Armstrong. Attachment 1631491450435.png Attachment 1631491488260.png Attachment 1631491501266.png Attachment 562728

Kung Fu 442 Sishen Attachment 1631460512968.png

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