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Creator's Notes

New Patch, new save! New season no holiday. Always ~Demand more~ every 15 min and ~praise~ just before half time and at the end.. if they are playing well. Team talks and training AM. No staff in, can be improved. (on this save) If players are not happy I put them on transfer list.. risky but worked with me.. let them know who is the boss :cool: use at own risk

  • What inspired you? New pach and rebuild underperforming Benfica, low morale team, old and slow players, no money!
  • What to expect? Win UCL with underdogs! Maybe with luck on your
  • Set piece takers -The best possible taker
  • Opposition Instructions (OIs) No no no
  • Recommended players N/A
  • Recommended attributes ---Flash--- Pace everywhere
  • Any specific training --No-- can be improved and will improve results.
  • Footedness of player per position --N/A
  • Top scoring position--STCL
306 goals scored. 110 haaland in 53 (12 from pens missed 5). 78 Moukoko. No holidays. On 21.3 the Moukoko update. Lets see on this new ME..

90% credit to @KiefDiggidydawg for creating this monster! 5% credit to @TookaJobs Gaming for sharing, I will take 5% for this post :) Please

Hope you enjoy, happy saves.

New Tactic on post #45. Read from #35.