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Creator's Notes

Releasing now what i`ve playing. Got now Sunderland to Championship and pushing for play-off in 2nd season with very underdog team in that league. I play mainly 2D and comprehensive or sometimes even full match. So table wouldnt tell thruth, cos i tweak a bit time to time, depending what i see in pitch. But this is tactic what i start home games mostly when favorite. Because tempo and lot of hard tackling its not ideal for holiday save but i think its good enough for it as well. You also need a lot rotating because intensity. Corners and throws stolen somebody elses tactics (probably Knaps, cos i study a lot of his tactics and admire how quickly he can do, good or topclass tactic, with any formation) or might be slightly tweaked cant remember. I just havent have interest to develop them too match cos my tactic development is mainly what i see in pitch.

I run FM-Base test league 4 times while doing christmas foods. Suprisingly there is huge difference in tests. Probably red cards.. :D All done exactly same! All full frosen, no team selection, just plug and holiday to 31.5.

4 different saves: Team CA165: place 1-2, points 178-197, goal difference +125-155 goal Team CA140: place 8-15, points 126-138, goal difference +24-39 goal Total points: 335-304

So I guess it`s a bit of luck how it goes with official test, probably somewhere with those limits..

If it gets even somekind of result i have no problem develop it either more underdod or top team tactic. This is now a bit of mix. Problem with this strikeless tactic is that, i think, needs more player instructions than ”normal” tactic, top of the players role itself, but otherwise it has a lot of advantages cos its more compact.

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