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Creator's Notes

I've always been a fan of defensive teams and historically in FM scoring has been very easy for me and pretty much every person that plays the game. So i wanted to test myself and create a tactic that focuses on limiting opposition chances and still provides an attacking threat. The formation was chosen based on the players that started at Dresden and i have brought in new ones to better fit the system that has been created. The formation is probably needlessly complicated but it love using weird asymmetric systems. The tactic worked perfectly in the first season with tweaks to it being made when necessary. I won the league by about 12 points while being the 7th best goal scoring team in the league with my top scorer getting 14 goals in the league. I have never been happier to see a lack of goals. 50 goals for, 12 against. I've kept the same system going in my second season and i am massively overachieving. The main reason am uploading this tactic is because im overachieving so much. We were expected to win the league last season so the tactic working so well wasn't much of a surprise but since ive started overachieving im starting to think i might have actually made something half decent for once.