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Creator's Notes

This tactic follows the rule: A good offensive wins games, a good defensive the championship. But there is a small difference... you score a lot too!

The tactic isn't too intensive to avoid a lot of injuries. The main focus is on the offensive midfielder, who acts as a Trequartista. He is crucial to support your lonely striker, so you actually have 2 strikers upfront most of the time.

Attachment Tactics.png

4-4-1-1 Dynamic Counter (Standard) by Daveincid The concept is that you have three identical tactics, which you can switch, according to a specific situaton. If you are favourite, you can use the standard tactic at the beginning. The key is always to only take small risks with trust in your own players, so you never do big changes during a game, you always stay calm.

4-4-1-1 Dynamic Counter (Offensive) by Daveincid If your opponent scores a goal. you can switch to offensive to increase the pressure slightly. But the system will remain the same. If your opponent get›s a red card you can use the offensive too to increase the pressure. But you will never loose the focus on a good defense with theese tactics!

4-4-1-1 Dynamic Counter (Very offensive) by Daveincid The very offensive version is when you really need to push forward, it›s more risky but usually your players should have enough power to use it for the last 15 minutes when needed.

The tactic was tested with FC Basel from Switzerland.

Attachment Results.png

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me!