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Creator's Notes

This tactic was created to simulate real life Liverpool under Klopp.

Attachment lfc_tactic.png

Attachment lfc_competitions.png

So the idea is that opposing defenders have to make a decision, deal with players trying to overlap with runs into the box or rush out to press the l/r wb's. The IF's and the two BBM's are set to move into channels and run with ball so there is a possibility for a overlap and throuh ball scenarios, while the l/r wb's will come down the flanks ready to swing inn a cross. When a defender try to close down our wb this leaves space for other players to take advantage of.

Attachment lfc_league.png

Front three will score most of your goals, if you change the CF position to attacking role this position will get more/'or most' goals over the course of the season. I've tried changing the center striker to CFA, PFA and AF and all work well with this tactic. However i wanted to keep him in a support role, having Firminio in mind. As you can see the l/rwb are an important attacking tool, in 20 out of all 38 games, Robertson or Alexander-Arnold was the motm.

Attachment lfc_league standings.png

Corner setup is just ripped from Knap's tactics as these seem to work good enough. I set my l/r wb and cml to take corners, this way no other players are drawn out of their position.

Attachment lfc_goals_corners.png

Shouldn't get too many cards, but if you happen to get a man sent off i would recommend taking the half back (dmc) off the pitch. This would for the most part just make you a little more vulnerable i defence. Ended up in the "quiet and leaky" box, but that's fine as long as you don't allow a lot of goals anyway :p