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Creator's Notes

The Tiverton Town Tornado 4222 LLM 106 LEAGUE GOALS

Attachment 522346 Coinciding with the release of the game, this year I decided to start off with a Sunday League reputation & work my way up to the top in the English lower leagues.

My first job was with Tiverton Town who were predicted to finish 15th and instead, we won the league scoring 106 goals in the process.

I didn't have a specific play style in mind when putting the tactic together, I merely built something that suited the players that I had.

It defends deep, counter-attacks with pace and relies a lot of punts over the top of poor opposition defences in the lower divisions.

Attachment 522347

Training - Assistant Manager Need a goal? - Enable Hit Early Crosses & More Expressive Holding on? - Balanced & More Disciplined

Attachment 522348

Attachment 522349

Aim to ensure your two strikers are pacey. You should be fine to change it to two wingers if that better suits your players. Change instructions for your full-backs according to whichever is better at crossing the ball (compare LB to RB player instructions).

Corners - Have inverted takers (e.g. Left foot to take Right corner & Right foot to take Left corner). They will be in-swinging and it is currently set to have the PF (A) to be the one scoring the headers from corners. If you can get a corner taker with 10+ corners in these lower leagues, then that will get you a lot of goals from set pieces.