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Creator's Notes

PlayGM's StephenHK has released his tactics as below.

Kung Fu 442 v2 - High scoring, fierce attacking football. Wingers use the foot for the side their on. Wing-backs don't batter as much. Kung Fu 44312 DLP v2 - Much more stable than before. Wider players should have a preferred foot for the side they are on. Ideally either footed players are teh best. Kung Fu 4411 - Strong offensively whilst having a stable defense. AF/SS are ideal to be both footed, whilst the IWBs should use the foot for the side they're on, left-footed on left, right-footed on right. Kung Fu 4231 - Balanced in attack and defense. The two central midfielders need to be solid defensively. W/IW should ideally both be left-footed or both footed. Kung Fu 4312 BBM - Very attacking, and aggressive. Wider players should be strong for their foot, on the side they are playing. Kung Fu 4312 DLP - More stable than the BBM but is not as attacking. Wider players should be strong for their foot, on the side they are playing.

Notes For All No specific training, specific set piece taker, or OIs. Ensure you have OI responsibility over your Assistant Manager as well - Staff > Responsibilities > Set OIs > Manager (You) Tactical Briefings are skipped.

<size 4="4">Kung Fu 442 v2 Attachment 1607103294719.png

<size 4="4">Kung Fu 4312 DLP v2 Attachment 1607103286294.png

<size 4="4">Kung Fu 4411 Attachment 1606415638725.png

<size 4="4">Kung Fu 4411 Results West Brom - straight holiday for half a season. No transfers. Attachment 1606415882363.png Attachment 1606415913825.png

<size 4="4">Shaolin 4231 Attachment 1606491468996.png

<size 4="4">Shaolin 4231 Results Leeds with thanks to @str8sick for doing this. No transfers, just holiday. Attachment 1606492056096.png Attachment 1606492123377.png Attachment 1606492129125.png

<size 4="4">Kung Fu 4312 BBM Attachment 1606491933762.png

<size 4="4">Kung Fu 4312 BBM Results West Brom, straight holiday no transfers. Attachment 1606495505283.png Attachment 1606495526284.png Attachment 1606495544176.png Attachment 1606495634746.png

<size 4="4">Kung Fu 4312 DLP Attachment 1606491926394.png

Beta Tactics - These can be found in HISTORY of this resource to download. 433 Classic three midfielder, three forwards. Strikers score a lot. Formation: Attachment 1605439233619.png

Example Results: Leeds Attachment 1605439469218.png

Kung Fu 442 added. Strong attacking, wingers be strong with whatever side their playing on, e.g. left wing , left footed, right wing, right footed. Can't add screenshots at this time.

442 Results Thanks to @ta2199 Attachment 1605882362954.png

Kung Fu 4231 added. Strong offense with stable results. Lone striker scores a lot of goals for the team. Can't add screenshots at this time.