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Creator's Notes

Positive 4-4-2 Diamond Wide - Custom Gegenpress

I am using this tactic for my 2nd season in my save with Leicester City. Started trying out this tactic at the beginning of my 2nd season and here are the results for now Attachment Screenshot_1.png

Trying out a tactic with 2 upfront because you don't see it that often in real life. Two quick strikers with great finishing and it would be good that they have a - moves into channels and beat the offside trap traits. Wingers are playing on their favorable foot - left on the left, right on the right, and both with an attacking duty. No instruction on inverted wing-backs. BPD and DLP have - ease off tackles, pas it shorter, and dribble less. Wingers, AMC, and both strikers have instructions to mark tighter, tackle harder, and take more risks.

I am still not sure what to use for my AMC player - advanced playmaker or attacking midfielder.

I am using long throw-ins ofc, with 5 players inside the penalty box and a DM lurking outside the box - https://prnt.sc/w1z3wa Corners you can see in this screenshot - https://prnt.sc/w1xbqt. It's the same for both sides.

Emiliano Buendía is my favorite player by far. I used him in fm20, in a couple of positions in different tactics, playing AMC, right-winger, right inside forward, and he was always the best player on the team. In this save, he had an amazing first season playing as a right-winger, having 16 goals and 27 assists in 34(13) games with an average rating of 7.85. This season he has 3 goals and 6 assist in 16(1) games, with a rating of 7.41. Since I have a lot of experience with him, I highly recommend him for every tactic you are using. He is an excellent crosser, so put him on corners and indirect free kicks...you won't regret it. Jamie Vardy on Advanced Forward is just amazing. 18 goals in 17 matches this season. 12 goals and 3 assists in 10 starts in the Premier League. This tactic fits him perfectly.

Having a good goalkeeper is very important because your opponents will have a decent amount of chances against you, and goalkeepers have to step up. I picked up Donnarumma on a free in January last season and he is proving to be great so far.

I let my assistant manager run general training because he is a very good coach and I am quite happy with him - Bryan Klug - https://prnt.sc/w1y8a4

Here you can see the squad I'm using at the moment Attachment Screenshot_2.png