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Creator's Notes

Standard 4231 Tactic that i have been playing with in Football Manager 2021 and it been going very well for me

I play in Create club mode, taking over blackburn with starting budget of 67M, that how i manage to get Kulusevski and that also why i am going with young player cause they are generally cheaper.

You can try this with better player but i have some rules that you need in your player to make this tactic work

Pro :

  1. A lot of Goal
  2. Good flowing Attacking Football

Con :

  1. Set piece Tactic Suck at the moment, i have not figure it out yet
  2. This is a high Intensity Tactic so you will need a large playing squad 25 for rotation and injury management
  3. This tactic will become very bad if your team get red carded ( Hence the defending side we are not as aggressive)
  4. You will concede some odd goal here and there cause this tactic revolve around Gegenpress to avoid this always substitute out the tired player

Thing you need all your player to have

  1. Minimal Work Rate of 12
  2. Minimal Teamwork of 12
  3. Fullback Should have Minimal Crossing of 12
  4. Ball Winning Mid Should have Minimal Tackling of 15

Some Extra Point

If you want your main striker to score more goal have your inside forward main foot as the same side you are playing them ( AML - Left Foot AMR - Right Foot) This will make your Inside forward square the pass to your striker instead of shooting themselves most of the time. Keep in mind that your 5 main attacker are all free to roam role ( Pressing Forward, Inside Forward, Attacking Midfielder, Mezzala) So it would be best if you have players that can play multiple role to play in those role. This is not a must it just something i find help with the Good attacking movement. Due to the high Intensity that is being deploy it not ideal to play the same line up if you have 2 match in a week.