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Creator's Notes

Just updated Goal Hoarder and tried it from level 10. So far I have 5 losses and 10 draws in the league in four seasons and my centre back can't stop scoring from corners (18 goals last season). The two strikers both have somwhere between 30 and well above 50 goals a year in all competitions, while the AM gets around 20 goals and LW, RW and AM all have around 20-30 assists a year. The five in front of goal makes sure that few balls go in the wrong net. Attachment 531057Attachment 531058Attachment 531059Attachment 531060Attachment 531061

Here are a few other results with v1.0 Breaking almost every league record with Hull the first two seasons with this 3-2-2-1-2 tactic. 2 advanced forwards and one shadow striker, all three scoring goals for fun. I tried the tactic with a few other teams (Atalanta, Rennes, Fulham and Liverpool) using the tactic on holiday for a whole season, just to see how it works with underdogs, subtops and elite clubs in other leagues. Screenshots below.

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