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Creator's Notes

A 4132 that produces a load of goals as well as being defensively solid. Tested over 2 seasons with Fiorentina. First season finished 2nd on 86 pts, 2nd season won the league with 7 games to go and finished on 100 pts with 102 goals scored and 25 conceded. I was predicted to finish 7th.

I believe I won have probably won the league in the first season if I would have had Pedro for the full season.

The tactic was named after another deadly Brazilian forward.

The Shape

Attachment 1610283500457.png


With the download it has overlap right and left on however I found removing these instructions for tough games helped me be more solid against stronger opposition.

No OIs were used and both team and individual training was left to the assistant manager


Used this over 2 seasons in all comps, these are the stats

Attachment 1610283548135.png

Attachment 1610284832069.png

Attachment 1610285047673.png

Attachment 530799

21 - 22 Season

Attachment 1610283584318.png

20 - 21 Season

Attachment 1610283610441.png

Striker stats

Pedro 43 in 42 league games. 52 in 52 in all comps. Who got player of the season in both seasons. He only played half a season in both campaigns

Attachment 1610283711103.png

Attachment 1610284994742.png

Attachment 1610285007008.png

Kouame 36 in 57 league games. 41 in 73 in all comps

Attachment 1610283816436.png

Attachment 1610284601740.png

Attachment 1610284614829.png

Vlahovic 25 in 36 league games. 26 in 34 in all compsl (26 starts)

Attachment 1610283864638.png

Attachment 1610284509709.png

Brenner 12 in 17 league games. 16 in 23 in all comps

Attachment 1610283911810.png

Attachment 1610284423041.png

Pedro was without doubt an absolute beast in front and I honestly think he would have got me the title in the first season.

So Pedro went for £75m overall with additional clauses and Milenkovic was also sold to Chelsea for £90 million.

I brought in Brenner and Luiz Felipe as a replacements.

One Season test with Liverpool and Villa

Removed overlap right and left for Villa

Attachment 1610288138471.png

Attachment 1610288222921.png

Attachment 1610288237320.png

Salah 47 goals and all comps won