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Creator's Notes

This is an updated version of AMR Tricky.

Tested with Barca, Bilbao and the Testing database. All simmed. Had some crazy results since new patch.

Named after the Keegan Newcastle side of the 90's You might concede but you will score goals. Lots of goals

Assistant Manager Training, Team Talks, Opposition Instructions - Note: You will probs get better results training yourself. I'm just lazy and letting you know what I have done in tests.

Set Pieces

Inswinging corners work the best, Tall CB with Good Jumping The DCL Will be the one on the end of the corners.

Lower League

If you cant get a CF change role to PF

I've not had time to play a lot since patch just have ran these simulations. Once I get a bit of time on game will maybe see and tweak a couple of things. So not finished article by any means. Let me know how you guys get on.


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Attachment 1608367591629.png Twitch

Big shout out to my fellow Wolf Dave Azzopardi https://t.co/jCLT3UHE8T?amp=1

Dave has been great help coming up with ideas and using the tactics in his saves. Even going back to FM20. It's as much his tactic as mine in developing this and the 442. And if you want to see them in action come by twitch and hang out when he is live. He is currently using the 442 has won the champions league and is hoping to finish the save by winning the league with Wolves.