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Creator's Notes

After so many test finally founded perfect balance with 352 system,again like in FM 2020 tested full season with Udinese Calcio team this year media predition 10th place but in my opinion one of the worst team in Serie A this season,especialy because of the injuries of some key players at the start of the game,for example Mondragora out for 6 mounths...

This is what i was able to do in first season... For me the most important thing when i play FM it is that I am not dominated in any match even against stronger teams,and I was not dominated against Juventus,Inter,Milan,Atalanta,Lazio,Roma,Fiorentina and all others,not even in away matches...for anybody who wants to see match statistic I can upload every match played.. Assist Manager takes OI,TEAM TALKS,TRAINING!

Attachment Football Manager 2021 22.11.2020. 20_25_20.png

Attachment Football Manager 2021 22.11.2020. 20_03_07.png

Attachment Football Manager 2021 22.11.2020. 20_05_02.png

Attachment Football Manager 2021 22.11.2020. 20_02_25.png

Attachment Football Manager 2021 22.11.2020. 20_05_31.pngAttachment Football Manager 2021 22.11.2020. 20_05_47.pngAttachment Football Manager 2021 22.11.2020. 20_05_58.png

The most important players in this tactic are WB!Fast and tall CB,all round CM,and fast Pressing Forward!

Welcome everybody who likes this system to test it,my plan is to test is with bigger team to see how much powerfull it is with full ability players!