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Creator's Notes

Hey guys, today I'm showing a tactic that I made just by luck, I tried to do a position tactic but I did'nt score enough goals for me so I completly changed my tactic and made it gegenpress like. I tested it with barcelona first it was a bit easy cause I went undeafeted the 2 first seasons and won everything especially with messi scoring 70+ goals per season as right inside winger. I then tested it with leipzig and won everything first season, I thought it was because I had good teams but then I decided to test it with leeds united and I was surprised, leeds is not the smallest club of premier league but they are called to do 10th in PL so I put the tactic, Gave everything to staff even transfers and simulated. First season, finished 5th won FA cup not so happy because too many draws but intersting results.Attachment 522520Attachment 522521Attachment 522522Attachment 522523Attachment 522524

2nd season, rodrigo left and staff bought grealish, boadu, semedo and more and that season I was shocked, finished first and won everythingAttachment 522528Attachment 522529Attachment 522530Attachment 522531Attachment 522532Attachment 522533

For freekicks and etc I used the base of the Guru's tactic Guruball and made short trhows. I hope you will enjoy this tactic if you use it it is only the first version I'm sure I have many things to change to make it work perfectly. It works of course best with good strikers. Thanks for reading me, have a good day/night.