The Top 5 Spanish Wonderkids in Football Manager 2022

18 March 2022

5 April 2022

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Here are the top 5 Spanish players who could blossom into superstars in Football Manager 2022, with Barcelona leading the charge with some remarkable talent.

1. Ansu Fati

Fati is the ideal winger for any squad, generating openings and scoring goals at a similar pace.

In the shape of this Barca sensation, Spain has a superstar. Has a lot of momentum and can leave opponents in the dust.

Fati has achieved the top slot in FM22 due to his versatility and propensity to do the surprising with the ball, which may confound opponents. Ansu Fati is a reliable performer who enjoys large matches, with a rating of 19 flair, 16 dribbling, 16 determination, 15 finishing, 16 acceleration, 17 agility, 16 off the ball, 16 technique, 15 natural fitness, and 15 pace. He's already fit enough to start for La Liga clubs and will continue to grow in the future.

After inheriting Messi's legacy, the 18-year-old wonderkid is anticipated to lead Barcelona back to the heights reached by Messi. Fati, Messi's heir and now Barcelona's newest hero, is a player who will almost certainly win the Ballon d'Or in Football Manager.

2. Raul Moro

Moro is a deceptive winger with excellent dribbling skills. He, like Mbappe, is well-suited to serve as a reserve for most Serie A teams and will develop into a standout player in the future.

Raul Moro, one of the most exciting wingers in this year's game, is a super-fast winger with absolutely brilliant stats of 13 Dribbling, 12 Finishing, 13 First Touch, 15 Natural Fitness, 14 Pace, 15 Acceleration, 15 Agility, 14 Off the Ball, and 14 Flair. Moro has the potential to become one of the best attackers in the game.

Raul Moro is an exceptional dribbler who can do unexpected things with the ball, making him difficult to mark even for the greatest defenders.

Moro started his career with Espanyol before moving on to the prestigious La Masia institution. However, the youngster's situation did not improve, and he was moved to Lazio in 2020. He is a member of the Lazio squad and made his professional debut against Juventus. This budding star, destined for greatness, would cost a fortune, but we believe he would yield great dividend in the long run.

3. Pedri

Pedro González López, also known as Pedri, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays central midfield for Barcelona in La Liga and for the Spanish national team. He is regarded as one of football's most promising young players.

Pedri, who is presently a Barcelona saviour, is another young gun on whom the club is pinning their hopes. 17 Dribbling, 12 Finishing, 18 First Touch, 17 Passing, 17 Technique, 17 Anticipation, 15 Composure, 16 Decisions, 18 Flair, 16 Natural Fitness, and 16 Stamina are all excellent grades. This is an incredible player!

Pedri, a Barcelona superstar with a £1 billion release clause, might be FM22's biggest wonderkid.

He's only 18 years old, but his versatility in a variety of attacking positions puts him in a class by himself this season. Barcelona may be in financial trouble, but you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to sign him.

4. Yeremy Pino

Attacking midfielders are the lifeblood of any dominant team, and Yeremy Pino has the potential to be a long-term fixture in your lineup. Yeremy Pino is a brilliant passer with 12 corners, 12 crossing, 16 dribbling, 12 finishing, 13 first touch, 14 passing, 15 Technique, 15 Agility, 14 Balance, and 14 determination. We recommend keeping an eye on this Anderlecht star.

Pino is a full-throttle attacker who can cause problems for defenses from any position in the final third.

Villarreal's 18-year-old star is worth between £19.5 and £32 million, with a good WAGE of £18,250. If you recruit him to your team, he is already a guaranteed starter for Villarreal and will quickly progress through the ranks to the top.

5. Bruno Iglesias

It was only a matter of time before another Spanish giant made the list, with Real Madrid producing Bruno Iglesias. Bruno Iglesias is well popular for his that terrorizes his opponent's defence.

Iglesias, a Spanish commander who excels in technique, bravery, and passing at the age of 18, is the ideal wonderkid to have at the center of your midfield. With a favorable rating of 14 Dribbling, 13 Free Kick Taking, 13 Technique, 13 Concentration, 16 Determination, 17 flair, and 15 natural Fitness, Iglesias might be a superb value addition for your side in Football Manager 2022. He has a lot of flare to go along with his dribbling abilities, so if you need someone who can attack the full-backs, grab him.

He has a market worth of £8.6-£14 MILLION, which means he may be had at a bargain, and with a similar range to the others on our list, he could be your best bet.

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