The Top 5 Scottish Wonderkids in Football Manager 2022

23 February 2022

5 April 2022

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With our selection processes of the Excellent FM22 Wonderkids from Scotland, you can get the best Scottish players. We're looking at the next wave of young Scottish talent with the most potential.

Check out our list of the finest FM 2022 Wonderkids coming from Scotland, which contains all of the greatest and most affordable FM 2022 Wonderkids.

Kerr Smith in FM22

1. Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith is at the top of our selection of FM22's best young Scottish Wonderkids. He presently plays for Aston Villa as a 16-year-old. Kerr Smith can play the CB position as well as the RB. His asking price is between £5 and £7 million.

With 16 placement, 15 jumping, 12 HEADING, and good tackling, the Scottish already have amazing attributes and evaluations as a superb Central Defender.

Smith has practically all of the necessary mental traits for a superb central defender there, he has decent current ability, and excellent potential ability, so you can make him a wonderful centre defender, with significant matches at 14, which is nice.

Calvin Ramsay in FM22

2. Calvin Ramsey

Calvin Ramsey is one of the best Scottish Wonderkids with 148 potential Ability, making him extremely sought out. The 17-year-old Aberdeen full defender is a superb player.

For such a young player, he has 13 speed, 13 acceleration, 13 nice stamina, 16 determination, 14 crossing, allowing him to make precision passes to the attackers.

Looking ahead a few years, he appears to be a classy fullback. Another bonus is that you can utilize him as a CM in specific instances. This is fantastic!

Ethan Laidlaw in FM22

3. Ethan Laidlaw

Despite his youth, this wonderkid has developed into a fantastic forward. His smooth speed movement, 12 heading, 11 finishing, and 13 dribbling have ensured his victory over his contemporaries. Laidlaw is a solid player, with high potential ability, so if you can mould him properly, you can generate a credible poacher out of him.

The 16-year-old wonderkid currently plays for Hibernian FC and is on his way to becoming a fantastic striker!

Billy Gilmour in FM22

4. Billy Gilmour

We consider Billy Gilmour has the potential to be a key contributor in FM22, whether you want to take a chance on his potential or give him a starting spot. The combination of Billy Gilmour's decent current ability and sky-high potential ability makes him a compelling player.

The Scottish sensation starts with 11 speed, 16 composure, 16 technique, 16 vision, 16 passing, and 10 dribbling. Billy Gilmour could rocket to the top with the correct growth program, despite the fact that he needed to improve his physical abilities, which included 7 strength, 6 jumping, and 9 balance.

The 19-year-old is now on loan to Norwich City but plays for Chelsea, so he has a lot of room to improve and have better experience.

Elliot Anderson in FM22

5. Elliot Anderson

Elliot Anderson is a name we'll be hearing for a long time, and he'll be a player who will cause you better things in FM22. Anderson, a well-built attacking midfielder who can also operate along through DM and even as a CM, is destined to finish up at one of the best clubs, giving the flexibility and vitality that your squad has been screaming out for.

The 18-year-old has a 12 tackling rating, a 14 speed rating, and a 12 dribbling rating. Elliot Anderson is a midfielder who currently plays for Bristol Rovers on loan from Premier League team Newcastle United. You're off to a great start!

Anderson is a promising young player who should be on your radar while putting together your FM22 team. Whatever it takes, we're confident Anderson will repay your club by winning titles.

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Look no further, for these are Football Manager 22's top wonderkids. In FM22, you can get ahead of the pack and sign some of these up-and-coming stars before they become world-beaters.

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