The Data Hub looks set to be an exciting addition to FM22

4 October 2021

6 April 2022

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One of the biggest improvements to the Football Manager series is the brand new Data Hub which will debut in FM22. You'll be able to dive head-first into Sport Interactive's take on Data Science.

Pass map from the brand new Data Hub

Your new home for all analytics

As we have learned from this recently released teaser video, the Data Hub is going to be used to present almost every stat in a digest-able way. If you want to know why your tactic isn't working, you'll need to visit the Data Hub.

Ask your team to create visualisations using real data!

On-demand data visualisations

In FM22, you will be able to ask your data scientists to create visualisations based on a seemingly endless amount of statistics. This is going to be incredibly cool and will definitely lead to some very specific data-driven saves. It'll certainly make our Football Manager 2022 story section even more interesting.

Hey! Read Me...

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Tactic tweakers rejoice

Momentum is a brand new data view that comes as part of the Data Hub that will enable you to really dive into your tactical style and see what is and isn't working. This feature will give you an in-depth overview of how you perform in almost every aspect of the game, from chance creation to last-gasp blocks.

Let's just appreciate how nice this graph is

Top right Messi

Scatter graphs are really cool, and we're looking forward to seeing the top right Messi meme makes its way into Football Manager culture.

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