"FM21: Clubs To Manage Before FM22" feature image

FM21: Clubs To Manage Before FM22

With the transfer window now closed, the run-up to the release of FM22 is close. Find the team that we recommend to manage before the release of FM22....

4 min read

22 September, 2021

"Tactic Testing: An update" feature image

Tactic Testing: An update

We've worked really hard to bring tactic testing back and have upgraded our server infrastructure amongst other things to do so....

1 min read

05 September, 2021

"Director of Football" feature image

Director of Football

Everyone uses their Director of Football differently and here I talk through how I use mine whilst offering out a few names you should be looking to for help....

4 min read

20 May, 2021

"FC Schalke 04 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" feature image

FC Schalke 04 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Schalke are a team with a good history. It is fair to say that things have gone drastically wrong for Die Königsblauen. In the article, we look at what has gone wrong at Schalke and look at the possibilities for a Football Manager save....

6 min read

02 May, 2021

"FM21: The Youth Development Process" feature image

FM21: The Youth Development Process

Youth development on Football Manager can be a difficult process to get your head around. In this article, I go through a variety of options that supports youth development. ...

9 min read

02 April, 2021

"FM21 Winter Update - Teams to Manage" feature image

FM21 Winter Update - Teams to Manage

The winter update for FM21 has been released. We provide you with some ideas for a new FM21 save!...

3 min read

25 February, 2021

"FM21: Analysts; What do they do?" feature image

FM21: Analysts; What do they do?

In this article, we look at a very detailed area of Football Manager - the analyst. This has now been split into two roles on Football Manager: Recruitment Analyst and Performance Analyst. Find out more about both roles in this article....

10 min read

14 February, 2021

"FM 21: Player Roles Beyond The Ordinary" feature image

FM 21: Player Roles Beyond The Ordinary

In this article, we look at the player roles that are beyond the ordinary on Football Manager. What are they, what is their purpose? ...

6 min read

05 February, 2021

"FM21: Cheap Wonderkids by FM Wonderkids" feature image

FM21: Cheap Wonderkids by FM Wonderkids

In this article, we promote the work of FM Wonderkids who has complied a list of cheap wonderkids from FM21....

2 min read

05 February, 2021

"Content Creators get aboard the Base Rivals express" feature image

Content Creators get aboard the Base Rivals express

Base Rivals is a matchmaking system for Football Manager and a fantastic way for you to engage with your community. Pre-season is fun!4 reasons to create Base Rivals content 1. Engagement If you're a Football Manager streamer then no doubt you already know there are some spells where it is difficult to engage with your community unless you're unnaturally charismatic. Base Rivals is a game-changer. Invite your community to enter matchmaking in the hopes they'll match vs you. 2. Esports Espor...

1 min read

02 February, 2021

"What is Base Rivals?" feature image

What is Base Rivals?

Matchmaking for FM is here. Read all about how, why and where....

3 min read

01 February, 2021

"FM21: What Makes a Good Sports Scientist" feature image

FM21: What Makes a Good Sports Scientist

In this article, we look at what makes a good sports scientists on Football Manager? ...

4 min read

29 January, 2021

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