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"Tactic Testing: An update" feature image

Tactic Testing: An update

We've worked really hard to bring tactic testing back and have upgraded our server infrastructure amongst other things to do so....

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05 September, 2021

"Content Creators get aboard the Base Rivals express" feature image

Content Creators get aboard the Base Rivals express

Base Rivals is a matchmaking system for Football Manager and a fantastic way for you to engage with your community. Pre-season is fun!4 reasons to create Base Rivals content 1. Engagement If you're a Football Manager streamer then no doubt you already know there are some spells where it is difficult to engage with your community unless you're unnaturally charismatic. Base Rivals is a game-changer. Invite your community to enter matchmaking in the hopes they'll match vs you. 2. Esports Espor...

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02 February, 2021

"What is Base Rivals?" feature image

What is Base Rivals?

Matchmaking for FM is here. Read all about how, why and where....

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01 February, 2021

"Where is Knap™?" feature image

Where is Knap™?

Knap tactics for FM21 are incredibly popular....

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17 January, 2021

"FM Base: The new era" feature image


FM Base: The new era

If you're reading this then you're on the new version of FM Base. We can't wait to hear your feedback....

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25 November, 2020

"Exclusive: FM Base and The FM Editor Team are teaming up" feature image

Exclusive: FM Base and The FM Editor Team are teaming up

Football Manager 2021 is looking like a really exciting time for FM Base because not only are we working on an exciting platform that we will begin rolling out from the 24th November onwards, we're also delighted to announce that we'll be teaming up with the FM Editor Team to make all your favourite databases as accessible as possible. Part of our partnership will mean the database work done by the FM Editor Team [] is available exclusively via FM Base - which i...

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26 October, 2020

"FM Base - The final evolution" feature image

FM Base - The final evolution

FM Base has really been around for a long time and we intend to be around for an even longer time yet. Thanks to the merger with Mr L Tactics, the next year is going to be massively exciting as we roll out a whole new platform that will mean by the time FM22 is here, we will no longer be using outdated forum software, we will have our very own, fully-fledged website with absolutely everything a virtual Football Manager could possibly need. A part of the decision to bring out a new logo is becau...

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18 October, 2020

"Merger Announcement: Mr L Tactics and FM Base" feature image

Merger Announcement: Mr L Tactics and FM Base

I am delighted to announce that FM Base and Mr L Tactics are now operating as one. We have huge respect for the gargantuan legacy created by Mr L Tactics and we are thrilled that they have chosen to bring their talents to Base. We both have an incredible passion for the tactical side of Football Manager and believe that by working together we can achieve greater goals and provide more to the Football Manager community. The primary purpose of our merger is to rebuild FM Base from the ground up....

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08 October, 2020