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30 December 2021

6 April 2022

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What's all this about then? I created the Roy Hodgson challenge back on July 28th of this year to commemorate his career after retiring from football management and of course to give everyone a new dynamic save to attempt.

Roy Hodgson managed 16 club sides in 7 different nations as well as 4 national sides in a management career spanning an incredible 45 years that began in 1976 with Halmstads BK and ended in 2021 with Premier League side Crystal Palace. His playing career was the complete opposite as he trained at youth level with Crystal Palace before making 59 appearances in  the English non-leagues.

It's fitting that his career in the game would start and end at Crystal Palace but he had always described managing the English national team as the pinnacle. At club level he managed Inter Milan and Liverpool and also led Fulham to a Europa League final. In all he won 13 honours in 5 separate countries.

What is the challenge though? Check it out below!

Points System:


Win the Superettan Division (5pts)

Win the Allsvenskan Division 5x in a row (50pts)


Win The Swiss Cup


Reach a European Cup final within 2 seasons (5pts & 10ts if won)


Win the League & Danish Super Cup (5pts each)


Reach a European Cup Final with a London team that has yet to compete in European competition (25pts & 35pts if won)


Manage a national team in both Europe and Asia and compete in their respected continental tournament i.e. UEFA European Championships (5pts each tournament played & 10pts each tournament won)

The Rules:

Reputation: Sunday League Footballer

Coaching Badges: National C License

You must start off in the Swedish Superettan with whomever you like.

After you have won the Allsvenskan 5 times in a row or more you can complete the remainder of the challenge in any order you wish.

Hodgson managed in international teams in both Asia (United Arab Emirates) and Europe (Switzerland, Finland and England) - You can only manage national teams in these two continents.

The aim is to start in Sweden with a set challenge as stated in the rules, from then on you can complete the challenge in any order by amassing points by managing clubs in Italy, Denmark, Switzerland and England as well as earning extra points at international level. How many points can you put on the board in the Roy Hodgson challenge?

You can post your progress in the Roy Hodgson Challenge through a dedicated channel on our Discord. You can join our server by clicking here.

Also, be sure to follow and tag us at FM Base on Twitter and update us with your progress! Maybe we'll even retweet the best!

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