Revamped Deadline Day in FM22

7 October 2021

6 April 2022

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In the latest Headline Features video released by Sports Interactive, they spend a significant chunk of time discussing the revamped Deadline Day experience.

Deadline Day overview in FM22

Run up to Deadline Day

In Football Manager 2022, Deadline Day won't just be a one-off experience, instead, there will be a build up period that will feature a more personal touch as you get to experience the rumour mill in full flow and will be expected to attend awkward press conferences.

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Brand new question in FM22

Overview of Chaos

As part of the revamped Deadline Day experience, you'll be able to experience the chaos in real-time...much like watching Sky Sports News. The idea behind this change is to create a sense of urgency, and to help players find something they might not be looking for, or a player they might not have known existed previously.

You'll certainly find the new experience will leave you feeling like Deadline Day has made a very unique difference with every save.

Attracting interest is a new part of the Revamped Deadline Day Experience

Agents being agents

If you've been scouting for a specific position in Football Manager 2022, you'll find that agents will begin to recognise this and approach you with clients that can fulfil those requirements. This can add an element of chaos to any transfer window and you could ultimately end up signing a player you didn't even know existed on a whim, and at a great price.

We can't wait to meet Mino Raiola in FM22!

Agents offering players in FM22

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