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"FM20 FM20 - Ball Playing Defenders Shortlists" feature image

FM20 FM20 - Ball Playing Defenders Shortlists

The ball-playing defender (BPD) brings together modern football. With the ability and confidence on the ball, the BPD allows managers to build play from the back. In this post, we provide a downloadable shortlist of wonderkids that can play in the BPD role. This shortlist has been created by FM Wonderkids [] who has kindly given us permission to share here on FM Base. You can donate to FM Wonderkids at his PayPal [

2 min read

18 February, 2020

"FM20 FM20 Team Guide - Torino" feature image

FM20 FM20 Team Guide - Torino

Established in 1906, Torino Football Club is a professional football club based in the Piedmontese region of Italy in the city of Turin. In the past, Torino (which bear the nickname Il Toro or The Bull) has been a club that has faced many trials and tribulations throughout its history. Traditionally floating between Serie A and Serie B in Italy, Torino is a club that had most of their successes during the glory days of the 1940s; where the legendary 'Grande Torino' side won five successive Scu...

7 min read

03 February, 2020

"FM20 FM20's Tallest Players" feature image

FM20 FM20's Tallest Players

Is your squad suffering from a severe case of “little man syndrome”? Not got anyone getting on the end of your crosses? Is your goalkeeper always getting lobbed? Say goodbye to those days; we’ve put together a list of five of the tallest players in Football Manager 20 to help you improve that cross to goal conversion rate. 1. Paul Millar - 208cm 2. Quentin Depre - 207cm 3. Tomas Holy - 206cm 4. Artem Korolchuck - 205cm 5. Zarko Markovic - 204cm As usual, their profiles, including streng...

1 min read

26 January, 2020

"FM20 Jonny(FM)Bass' Top 10 Attacking Midfield Wonderkids" feature image

FM20 Jonny(FM)Bass' Top 10 Attacking Midfield Wonderkids

Hazard, Mane, Pogba, Silva… we’ve been blessed over the last few years with amazing attacking midfield talent in the world of Football Manager. Well the talent conveyor belt doesn’t stop with them, here are 10 emerging talents that I think are going to set the FM world alight for many years to come… Pogba who? A good AM needs good passing abilities, vision, the ability to make long shots, and solid dribbling skills and these players all fit that bill in one way or another. Here’s my top 10… it...

2 min read

26 January, 2020

"FM20 OI, You! A Simplistic Approach To Opposition Instructions" feature image

FM20 OI, You! A Simplistic Approach To Opposition Instructions

The premise of this guide is to provide you, a simplistic approach on how to use Opposition Instructions (OIs) effectively. I'm going to be going against a future Chelsea (2029) squad who are currently still pretty strong. (Below is from the Scout Report, knowing the roles helps a little too, however, this may not marry up to the line-up you're against so always worth checking the OIs within the match). Tight Marking Used to prevent the opposing player(s) from getting the ball, or restrict...

6 min read

25 January, 2020

"FM20 FM20: 5 Things To Do Before Pressing Continue" feature image

FM20 FM20: 5 Things To Do Before Pressing Continue

Okay, so you’ve created your manager, sorted out the profile, selected whether you’re going to be a tactical or tracksuit manager. You’ve been hired to whichever club you have selected - congratulations! But wait, do not just press continue before reviewing certain screens which will allow you to implement your managerial vision on the club that you’re managing. In this article, we’re going to go through a list of things to do before pressing continue. Please note that certain screens may look ...

6 min read

25 January, 2020

"FM20 FM20: Best U21’s Playing in the Premier League" feature image

FM20 FM20: Best U21’s Playing in the Premier League

Looking for the best U21 players in the Premier League? Take a look at this list of players created by IconicFM []. Prepare for Brexit these players will help you with the homegrown player rules. Aaron Ramsdale Position – Goalkeeper Nationality - English Age – 21​ Aaron Ramsdale has had a breakthrough season becoming the starting keeper at AFC Bournemouth. Following an impressive loan spell at AFC Wimbledon, Ramsdale showed his quality during pre-season and e...

3 min read

25 January, 2020

"FM20 FM20 Team Guide - Plymouth Argyle" feature image

FM20 FM20 Team Guide - Plymouth Argyle

Founded in 1886, Plymouth Argyle is a professional football club based in the South-West of England in Plymouth, Devon (The biggest city in England yet to have a football club feature in the English first division). Traditionally floating between the second and fourth-tiers of English league football, ‘Argyle’ is a club that found their best successes during the late 2000s under the stewardship of Bobby Williamson, Paul Sturrock and (the often divisive amongst the Argyle fanbase) ‘Hollowords’ – ...

8 min read

25 January, 2020

"FM20 Strongest Players in FM20" feature image

FM20 Strongest Players in FM20

Sick of your coaches saying … “This isn’t the best squad in terms of strength” Yeah well, we’ll show you Coaching Team, here’s a list of five of the strongest players in Football Manager 20. With their strength ratings of 20, it leaves me wondering if they've all been exposed to some pretty heavy gamma radiation. 1. Bill Hamid 2. Vitaliy Vernydub 3. Alan 4. Lewis Crosbie 5. Mark-Anthony Okoye Have a better look at their FM 20 profiles below....

1 min read

25 January, 2020

"FM20 Jonny(FM)Bass' Wonderkid Strikers" feature image

FM20 Jonny(FM)Bass' Wonderkid Strikers

Wonderkids are a very divisive topic amongst Football Manager aficionados, and not one player will ever develop precisely the same so all these lists of top 10 this and top 10 that are all really subjective. What we have today is a list of 10 high determination strikers across all budgets that should, when coached the right way, do the job at a variety of levels in the game. We’ll take a more in-depth look at each players profile below but here are the top 10 wonderkid strikers according to Jo...

2 min read

25 January, 2020

"FM20 Football Manager - 5 Major Changes" feature image

FM20 Football Manager - 5 Major Changes

“I’ll be there in a minute, I’m just finishing this game!” The same lie we’ve all been shouting to our Mums, Dads & significant others for over two decades, in some cases. “Just one more game, then bed”, is another personal favourite of the Football Manager-isms we all know so well. You may have been here from the start, staring at scrolling text, three-day loading screens and databases of made-up player names in 1992. You may have joined us recently, wooed by the dynamic match engine, the reali...

7 min read

23 January, 2020

"FM20 Football Manager: The Wonderkids That Never Were" feature image

FM20 Football Manager: The Wonderkids That Never Were

Although Sports Interactive does a great job with the database every year in Football Manager, no one can predict the future in terms of a players development. Every one of us who have played the game down the years has a hidden gem or two that came from nowhere before going absolutely nowhere in real life. In this post, we will run through some of our favourite wonderkids who never quite made it from the last decade of Football Manager games! Carlos Vela (ST) FM2009 An absolute beast! Grea...

9 min read

22 January, 2020

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