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"Top 3 Wonderkids That Football Manager 2020 Players Should Buy" feature image

Top 3 Wonderkids That Football Manager 2020 Players Should Buy

Top 3 Wonderkids That Football Manager 2020 Players Should Buy Football Manager [] remains one of the most popular football games available, and much of its success is down to how realistic the title is for players. The game has a knack of finding untapped potential, with players looking around the globe to try and get the best value in the transfer market. It offers an insight into how difficult it is to find new players in this modern era without having to pay...

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10 August, 2020



WONDERKID GOALKEEPERS TO SIGN ON A BUDGET Everyone knows the importance of having a quality number one between the sticks. The trouble is, not every club has the budget for an Ederson or an Allison. That doesn’t mean you should end up with an inadequate keeper though. Here we look at five wonderkid goalkeepers who are available on a budget and, yes, that means this list won’t include the likes of £29m Gianluigi Donnarumma. Here goes. Number 5. Coniah Boyce-Clarke Okay, depending on your level...

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10 August, 2020

"UEFA Champions League - What’s Happened So Far" feature image

UEFA Champions League - What’s Happened So Far

The 2019-20 UEFA Champions League is in its 65th season, organised by UEFA. The final will be played at the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal and the winner will qualify for the 2020 FIFA ClubWorld Cup in Qatar. However, due to global pandemic, the season was put on hold in March, and was announced to continue on August 7. Also, the video assistant referee (VAR) system has been used in the competition from the play-off round onwards. Who is still in contention? Through to the quarter-final...

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27 July, 2020

"Premier League 2020 - News and Overview" feature image

Premier League 2020 - News and Overview

The 2019-2020 Premier League [] is the 28th season of the tournament, which is the top English professional football league. It was established in 1992 and Manchester City were the defending champions for the second successive year. It was probably the most awaited football tournament this year, but due to the worldwide pandemic, it was halted for over three months. This happened on the 13th of March this year af...

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27 July, 2020

"FM Base Weekly Challenge: Operation Bounce Back" feature image

FM Base Weekly Challenge: Operation Bounce Back

This week we head to Serie B where you take charge of Frosinone Calcio, who tasted Serie A action for the first time in 2018-19 but were relegated after one season. The equation for this week is simple, you take over after the transfer window has closed and Frosinone are sitting 4th. Get Frosinone back to Serie A and remain there for more than one season. Now, we are introducing a point system for those who participate. As above, you get 10 points for each of the objectives set out. We will ...

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27 July, 2020

"FM20 FM Base Challenges: Make America Great Again" feature image

FM20 FM Base Challenges: Make America Great Again

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!​ Now that we have your attention, it's time for the latest FM Base Weekly Challenge. Something a bit different this week... - Steve Carell appointed as manager of Chicago Fire - Scenario: • 2 games left of the regular season • 3 points outside playoffs with a game in hand on the team above and a superior goal difference, so qualification is in your hands - Objectives: • Win the final 2 games of the regular season to qualify for the playoffs • Take Chicago Fire as far i...

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20 July, 2020

"FM Base Challenges: The Italian Job" feature image

FM Base Challenges: The Italian Job

We hope you enjoyed our first FM Base Weekly Challenge with last week's "Save Sheffield" scenario. This week, we bring you "The Italian Job feat. Big Sam"! It's March 1, 2020 and Big Sam has been put in charge of AC Milan. Here's the equation: - AC Milan are 2nd on the table equal on points with Juventus - 13 League Games remain including games against Juventus (1st) and Inter (3rd) The task is simple: - Win the Serie A and give Big Sam the best trophy of his career. Get the Scenario here: ...

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07 July, 2020

"FM Base Challenges: Sheffield United" feature image

FM Base Challenges: Sheffield United

Has your save become a bit stale? Looking for a bit of a challenge? Well, here at FM Base, we have just the thing! Welcome to the first FM Base Weekly Challenge! Our first challenge comes from The Aussie Gaffer [] You are Maximilian Blanchard and on Christmas morning Sheffield United [

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07 July, 2020

"How to change your signature on FM Base? (includes adding photos)" feature image

How to change your signature on FM Base? (includes adding photos)

​ If you would like to add a signature to the bottom of your forum posts, it's very quick and simple to do so: 1) Once logged into your account. go to the top right hand corner of your screen and click your profile picture. (this may be default if it hadn't already been changed) ​ 2) Select the 'Signaure' option from the drop-down menu, which will open the below window. ​ 3) Add in whatever writing you'd like to add and add formatting using the toolbar at the top. You can also include links...

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08 May, 2020

"FM20 Dryland Orient F.C - A Community Football Manager Club" feature image

FM20 Dryland Orient F.C - A Community Football Manager Club

To continue sharing the love from the FM Community, in this post, we share another community piece. Dyland Orient FC, the creation of Football Manager Twitch streamer, DeaconEntertainment [] The history of Drylanders does not come from Football Manager but another footballer game, FIFA. FIFA has a mode called Pro Club in which Drylanders was born. When FM was introduced, Dryland Athletic FC was formed and from that, the current Dryland Orient FC ...

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24 April, 2020

"FM20 PES Master League on Football Manager" feature image

FM20 PES Master League on Football Manager

Three words but so many emotions. The mere mention of them will have any former Pro Evolution Soccer player taking an immediate trip down memory lane, waxing lyrical about a special formed between them and the gloriously **** default players assigned to them at the start. ​Everybody had their favourite. * “Espimas was like a French Beckham.” * “Ximelez was the real star, like Espimas but less flash.” * “Andy Robertson wears Ruskin pyjamas.” * “Castolo > Original Ronaldo.” The truth is...

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23 April, 2020

"FM Base Member Profile - TheFM_Teacher" feature image

FM Base Member Profile - TheFM_Teacher

We hope you enjoyed the first in the Behind the Username series. In the third instalment, we interview The FM Teacher. Name, if different to your actual name, what made you chose that name? The FM Teacher. Quite simply, I’ve been playing FM for many years, I’ve attempted to teach people about the game through blogging and guides but in reality, it’s a played my profession working in a Primary School. What football team do you support? Much to the effort of my mother who tried to get me to su...

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21 April, 2020

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