How To Import Tactics In Football Manager 2023

8 November 2022

8 November 2022

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Tactics are a huge part of Football Manager and trying to create one that works for you and your team can be hard, tiresome and take a long time, this is where community made tactics come in. FM players may intentionally or unintentionally create a really good tactic and decide to share it with the community so everyone else can enjoy success as well. This means you can scroll through uploaded tactics, read the reviews, see the rating and choose if it may be right for you or not. This takes the stress out of trying to create a tactic from the bottom up. Simple find a tactic you like, download it, insert it into your gave and you've got a tactic ready to go!

Where can you find tactics?

You can search the interweb or you can click here to be taken to our tactics page where you can find tactics for the FM edition you're playing. Make note to ensure you download a tactic for the right edition else the tactic won't work and you'll have wasted your time.

How to import a tactic:

Importing tactics may sound a little scary but follow our simple step-by-step guide and you'll be downloading and importing tactics into your game like a pro.

Step 1 - Choose a tactic

This part may actually take the longest as you try to find a tactic that you think could work for your squad. Once you've found one, click to download it and follow the instructions given for this.

Step 2 - Extract the tactic

You'll need to now extract the tactic using whatever your device recommends, usually Winrar, 7zip or unarchiver. Once extracted you need to make sure it's in a location you can find easily as you'll need it in the next steps.

Step 3 – Place the file into Football Manager

Open your file explorer and locate the Sports Interactive file, select the edition of FM you want to load the logo pack into, and open it up.

Once you have the Football Manager file open, look for a folder called Tactics. Now you need to find the tactic you extracted in step 2 (it should end with .fmf) and move it into the Tactics folder you just located.

This image shows the Tactics folder within the Football Manager file.

Step 4 - Load your game and tactic

Next you want to load Football Manager and load your save. Then go to your teams' tactic section. You should find spaces available for setting tactics here, simply click one of these and a drop down menu will appear with the heading 'Load tactics'. Select the tactic you want to use and load it.

Step 5 - You're ready to test the tactic

You've successfully downloaded, imported and loaded a tactic into Football Manager. All that's left now is to put it to the test.

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