FM21 Argentinian Wonderkids

17 January, 2021
17 January, 2021
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What is a wonderkid?

A Wonderkid is a player on the Football Manager database that has a sufficiently highly ability. For the purpose of this article, the players listed in the table have a potential ability of at least 140. A player's potential ability shows how good a player COULD be, not necessarily how good they WILL be and depends on numerous factors including: Age, Personality, Mental attributes, Playing time.#

Name Nation Position Club
Almada, Thiago Argentina / Italy AM RLC, F C Vélez
Pérez, Nehuén Argentina D C Granada
Velasco, Alan Argentina AM RLC, F C Independiente
Mac Allister, Alexis Argentina AM LC Brighton
De La Vega, Pedro Argentina / Spain AM RL, ST Lanús
Palacios, Exequiel Argentina DM Bayer 04
Melamed, Nico Spain / Argentina AM/F C Espanyol
Vera, Fausto Argentina DM Argentinos Jrs.
Ovando, Lautaro Argentina ST Argentinos Jrs.
Gaich, Adolfo Argentina ST CSKA Moscow
Machuca, Elías Argentina D C Racing Club
Badaloni, Tomás Argentina ST Godoy Cruz
Valenti, Lautaro Argentina D C Parma
Ramos Mingo, Santi Argentina / Italy D C Barcelona
López Muñoz, Hernán Argentina AM C River
Perrone, Máximo Argentina DM Vélez
Álvarez, Agustín Argentina D C Arsenal (Sarandí)
Moreno, Aníbal Argentina M C Newell's
Gauto, Juan Argentina AM RL, ST Huracán
Romero, Maximiliano Argentina ST PSV
Álvarez, Julián Argentina AM RLC, F C River
Barrenechea, Enzo Argentina DM Zebre
Sosa, Santiago Argentina DM River
Ávila, Gastón Argentina D C Boca
Palacios, Matías Argentina AM C San Lorenzo
Colombo, Nazareno Argentina D RC Estudiantes (LP)
Baldi, Agustín Argentina D C, DM Tigre
Gallard, Jeremías Argentina AM/F C Talleres
Zeballos, Exequiel Argentina AM RL, ST Boca
Mura, Facundo Argentina D/WB/M R Estudiantes (LP)
Torres, Dardo Argentina D LC Argentinos Jrs.
Pellegrini, Matías Argentina / United States AM L Inter Miami
Tanlongo, Mateo Argentina DM Rosario Central
Gattoni, Federico Argentina D C San Lorenzo
Valenzuela, Milton Argentina / United States D/WB L Columbus
Barco, Ezequiel Argentina / United States AM RLC Atlanta United
Ferraresi, Nahuel Venezuela / Argentina D C Moreirense
Fernández, Alexander Argentina AM RL Boca
Urzi, Agustín Argentina / Italy AM RL Banfield
Jaime, Misael Argentina AM LC Newell's
Pérez Ibañez, Joaquín Argentina ST Al-Wasl
Paradela, José Argentina AM C Gimnasia (LP)
Blázquez, Joaquín Argentina / Italy GK Talleres
Acosta, Miguel Argentina GK Argentinos Jrs.
Godoy, Matías Argentina ST Argentinos Jrs.
Bernabéi, Alexander Argentina D/WB/AM L Lanús
Lucero, Rufino Argentina D R San Lorenzo
Bajamich, Mateo Argentina / Croatia AM R, ST Instituto
Pérez Tica, Jeremías Argentina ST Newell's
Ladrón de Guevara, Mirko Argentina DM All Boys
Barreal, Álvaro Argentina AM RL Cincinnati
Amione, Bruno Argentina D C Verona
Gómez, Ángel Argentina AM LC Racing Club
Kruspzky, Facundo Argentina AM/F C Arsenal (Sarandí)
Larralde, Valentín Argentina AM R Defensa y Justicia
Malatini, Julián Argentina D RC Talleres
Benítez, Franco Argentina AM RLC Argentinos Jrs.
Garré, Benjamín Argentina / Italy AM RL Racing Club
Simoni, Tiago Argentina D/WB R Boca
Lugo, Matías Argentina DM Argentinos Jrs.
Luna, Diego Argentina M C Chacarita Jrs.

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