What is the FM Kit Creator?

29 December 2021

6 April 2022

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We're pleased to announce a partnership with the team over at FM Kit Creator. Now, you may be wondering what FM Kit Creator is? Well, it's a free online designer where you can create kits for your Football Manager save.

With hundreds of designs and presets to choose from, you can enhance the realism within your saves by creating kits from scratch for your club.


Minikits, or 2D kits, are very important in the Football Manager experience. FM Kit Creator have therefore created a generator that will produce detailed minikits in the default style of the game.

Proper Sleeve Graphics

The FM kit model comes with a less than ideal UV mapping (texture layout), which makes it difficult to add seamless graphics to the sleeves. The team have developed a new method from scratch, which aligns patterns and base designs with that mapping.

Plus Membership

To support development, a Plus membership is available. With Plus, you get additional save slots (100 or 500, depending on the tier, instead of 10) as well as access to exclusive graphics, patterns and templates. With Plus Ultimate you also get 1-week early access to all content.

FM Base Forums

Within the FM Base forums, you can talk to other people about your kit creations, speak to the people behind it all, and discuss your ideas.

The team at FM Kit Creator would love to hear your feedback in order to improve the FM Kit Creator experience going forward. The best ways to reach them are through their official email as well as their Twitter, and on the forums.

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