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FM Base x Euro 2020

27 May, 2021
27 May, 2021
2 min read

Euro 2020 is the first major national tournament for 3 years. It's brought a lot of suspense, and with it a lot of excitement. Here at FM Base, we wanted to join in with this excitement and give you two ways to win a FREE COPY OF FM22.

Through the UEFA Website, you can take part in both their Fantasy Football and Tournament Predictor games. Through FMBase, you could win a free copy of FM22, just by playing these minigames!

To get involved with Euro 2020 Fantasy Football, you need to firstly download the Euro 2020 app and then join our fantasy league. There's two ways you can do this, by either clicking the link here or through our league code: 80TODSCX06.

In order to win a free copy of FM22, you'll have to finish top of our Fantasy League. However, a free copy of FM is also available if you finish top of our Prediction League.

You need to be in our discord server to take part in our Prediction League.

Similarly to Fantasy Football, you have to go to the UEFA Website or download the Euro 2020 app to take part, and make a prediction.Once completed, you'll need to take a screenshot of your predictions from the ROUND OF 16 to the FINAL like shown below. After you've sent it, your predictions will be noted down and the deadline for submitting a prediction is Thursday June 10th 2021. After the tournament has finished, we'll calculate the table and the winner will be announced. Whoever finishes top of the prediction league will win the free FM22 copy.

Example of Tournament Prediction

For the best communication, you'll want to join our discord server and follow our twitter account. Good luck!

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