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FM Base - The final evolution

18 October, 2020
25 November, 2020
1 min read

FM Base has really been around for a long time and we intend to be around for an even longer time yet. Thanks to the merger with Mr L Tactics, the next year is going to be massively exciting as we roll out a whole new platform that will mean by the time FM22 is here, we will no longer be using outdated forum software, we will have our very own, fully-fledged website with absolutely everything a virtual Football Manager could possibly need.

A part of the decision to bring out a new logo is because our new platform deserves something modern, something unique, something else.

We've had the crest, we've had the green ball blob thing but now it's time for the future. Grab a beer, re-bookmark FM Base, and sit back. Exciting things are en-route commencing FM21.


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