Best 442 Tactics for FM22

25 April 2022

25 April 2022

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Are you an old-school football fanatic set on a 442? Are you a Sean Dyche Superfan or do you just want to play like the Arsenal Invincible Squad? We've got you covered with some of the best 442 tactics available for Football Manager 2022.


The !SC 442 Dragonforce tactic is perfect for those who want to play attacking football, but maintain a solid defence, but there's a caveat, this tactic works better with teams expected to do well, and the all-out-attack employed by this tactic will unfortunately see you struggle if you have a leaky defence.

On FM Base tactic testing, this tactic achieved a wholehearted 80% win-rate with teams expected to do well, but barely 50% for teams who loiter around the bottom-half of the table. Use at your own peril, but I'm sure once the regens start rolling, you'll have a squad capable of blitzing the league with this all-out 442 FM22 tactic.

Here's how the tactic looks in Football Manager 2022

Featuring two direct wingers, two advanced forwards, and two wing-backs, who will all be looking to push forward at any opportunity, you can expect lots of width, and lots of balls thrown into the opposition area. You will score a lot of goals, so be prepared to celebrate a lot.

The deep-lying playmaker and the ball-winning midfielder will combine flawlessly in the middle of the park to give you some bite, and some creativity. All play will move through the deep-lying playmaker, so make sure you get someone in that has great vision, and passing skills. You'll want your ball-winning midfielder to have some extra special aggression, work-rate, tackling and stamina. Treat this dynamic duo like the foundation it is, the better the backbone of your squad, the better your results.

Pauloyoshi's Porto Save

This tactic averaged 3.29 goals for Porto in the tactic creator's save, which is both insane and absolutely nuts. Whilst the Portuguese League might not be the most defensively talented, it's worth noting that Porto aren't currently the most attacking orientated team in the World too. If you like goals, you will love this tactic.

On the tactic download page, the author has compiled a lot more screenshots, instructions, and some really great tips that you can read - so we recommend you embrace all that content to really ensure you can make the most of this fantastic 442 tactic.

On the FM Base automated tactic testing, this 442 tactic managed to achieve an incredible 2.46 points per game with a sub-top team. You won't feel like you're chasing rivals for the title anymore!

The Steamer Built 442

The Steamer Built 442 is one of the best 442 tactics available for FM22, especially if you're a team expected to finish near the top. You can expect some lovely attacking football, at an incredibly fast tempo. You'll never not be entertained whilst using this tactic.

The tactic in FM22

This tactic sets up slightly differently to a traditional 442 tactic by replacing direct, pacey wingers with a couple of inverted wingers. You can expect a lot of balls in behind for your forwards, as the inverted wingers will create more space for runs that drag the opposition's central defenders apart.

The full backs on attack duty will look to burst forward at every opportunity, providing incredible width, and will look to threaten at every opportunity with some low, fizzing crosses into what will effectively be a front 4.

It seems as if the ethos of this fantastic 442 tactic for FM22 is to outscore the opposition, and it certainly does that when tested with sub-top teams, scoring an incredible 237 in 80 games on the FM Base testing table. Let us repeat that. 237 goals in only 80 games. Wow.

Sub-top testing results

Just look at those beautiful results! The Steamer Built 442 got 5-stars on sub-top testing, with an 80% win percentage and picked up 2.36 points per game. You won't struggle with this tactic!

More of the best 442 tactics for FM22

If the tactics above still don't satisfy your quench for 442 greatness in Football Manager 2022, then please use the table below to make an even more informed decision!

Tactic Name FM Base Rating Download Link
442 Goal Machine ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Download
442 tactic ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Download
Guru's 442 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Download

Find more 442 Tactics for FM22 on YouTube

Our Tactic guru, Gormy, has put together his top 5 442 tactics for Football Manager 2022 in one video. Check it out!

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